Important information for the lovely Perchés

Respect & tolerance

At Château Perché, we respect castles, and humans, gardens, and animals. We celebrate diversity in all of its many forms, we dress up, we are who we want to be. We love our neighbour, we wish him the best, and there is not any kind of intolerance which might be accepted. We share, we seek the most beautiful meetings: the festival is a discovery space for new art forms, expressions, and cultures. We grow through experiences, lead by our most vivid curiosity and by our deepest desire of awakening. Each of us respects each person,  the one to whom we apology for having bumped into him,  the one who got an astonishing costume, we respect as well each small stone being part of the ground by not throwing away our cigarette butts. We are here, like children, with the constant wish of trying, tasting, experimenting, enjoying everything, as long as the Princesses and Princes of The Perche that we cross along the way feel the same.


The festival is located at the Château d’Avrilly, 03460 Trévol, France, not far from Moulins, city in the center of France. The castle will open its marvellous gates on Thursday, 9th of April at 8pm for those who will be part of Transverberare. Château Perché Festival itself will start on Friday,10th of August at 2pm and will fade away on Sunday, 12th of August at 2pm. A four hours break is planned on Saturday between noon and 4pm. To reach the festival, magical shuttles will be available from Clermont Ferrand, Moulins (which is the closest train station from the castle) and Paris. By car, from Paris, the A77 highway in direction of Nevers is the one to take. From Clermont-Ferrand, the road leading to Moulins must be followed. From abroad, your best shot will be Paris and Aulnat (close to Clermont) airports to get to the shuttles.

Attention! Entering the castle will be only possible through Trévol thanks to the road n43, it will be the only one open.


There will be a huge camping site for festival goers, for free. You can arrive there as early as Thursday, 9th of August at 6 pm but you will have to leave before Monday, 13 of August at 12pm (midday), only accessible by foot. It will be possible to book some 4 or 8 persons big tents, or easier you can install your own Quechua! All vehicles will have to be parked at the parking. Our security crew will keep an eye on them. The Team “Love Specs” will entertain people at the camping area, offering some workshops to dress up and make up but also a proper stage for spreading some good vibes around there. There is no electricity at the camping site.


To remain fresh during three days, you will find gratis showers at the camping site. Clean toilets will also be there and at the festival site. Festival-goers must respect those places and use adequate soap and shower gels and throw away wipes at the right places.

Remaining fresh also means eating properly and drinking enough H2O, you might wanna stay on fire showing that the dance floor is lava but water is life.


To nourish yourself, you will find many foodtrucks and bars at the festival and camping sites to satisfy your mouths, stomachs and livers all week-end long, As usual, different  kinds of beer, including high quality, also a wide range of food from crepes to toasts, from cereals bowl to fruits. I even one day heard someone saying there would be a wine bar selling a precious grapes beverage labelised Chateau Perche. Personal food and drinks must be kept for camping. Think to bring cash money for the foodtucks and any other merchandise.

It is necessary to remind that pleasures of life should be enjoyed without the help of any substance.

Lost and Found

During the whole festival, any object found by festival-goers or the organisation is brought to the ticketing. There, volunteers keep every item, until its owner comes to take it back. If unfortunately, you cannot get back something lost during the festival, we will be reachable through our Facebook page or at, with a precise description of yours and we will make sure to send your lost, with fees at your charge.

The festival pack

Château Perché wants to see its festival goers enjoy as much as possible, here are some tips of what to bring to make your time more fun!

  • An Insanely sexy and colourful costume
  • A Towel
  • A Clean underwear
  • Cash monies
  • Some Imodium
  • An alcohol test
  • Some Water
  • Some Convenient socks
  • Wipes (biodegradable if possible)
  • A Second underwear
  • A Toothbrush and some paste
  • A Flashlight
  • A Powerbank
  • A Beautiful Totem
  • An Emergency kit


At Château Perché, we do care about our environment! We throw away waste using a specific sorting. Crockery from food trucks is compostable and will have to be put into a dedicated bin. All cigarette butts in ashtrays and trashes! Otherwise, other innocent people will have to look for them, or worse they will remain on the ground and pollute it! At your arrival, you will receive a cleanliness pack, with a portable ashtray, and a trash bag, use them as much as possible! Surprises to come for folks killing the dirt! Regarding the shower water system connected to all the castle canals, it is absolutely necessary to use only biodegradable products, knowing that plenty of animal use this surrounding water to live. Those same animals also live on the fields where you will pass by, so let’s show some respect to Mother Nature. Love Specs will offer homemade biodegradable soaps. Cups will be reusable, and no plastic bottle will be provided, only reusable water bottles to fill in will be given at the same price. Also, this year, toilets will be dry and maintained, please respect them.


A 8 hours mystic ceremony happening at the core of the typical French Garden from the Château d’Avrilly can be expected from the participants of Transverberare. For that, it is truly essential to be on time and be there at 8pm, even though the madness will only begin at 9pm sharp. We recommend you to wear confortable clothes, in which body moves are easy. Shoes and mobile phones will need to be left at the entrance, and will be taken back only at the end of the ceremony. We will lend a mask to everybody, that you cannot take off, neither damage and it will have to be given back in the same state you got it. A surprise beverage will also be given to everyone. The camping site will obviously be already open if you need to settle there first, you would then try to arrive earlier enough to be on time.This ceremony welcomes anybody open minded who deeply have the wish to experience something new and unique regarding partying, its body, and electronic music.