« Envol et bourgeonnement »



« Was ist das ? » asked the Lord of Bourbon-Zurich as he heard knocking at the gate of the Castle. “It’s Spring!” answered in one voice the hordes of Perchés, who travelled a long way from the four corners of the world. “John, open the gate!” he commanded. The flowery convoy, led by the Camion Bazar, entered the estate of Busset, bringing with it the winds of rebirth. Nymphes settled in the Grange. They sang an anthem to the Moon, led by their faun Madmotormiquel. The guests of honor went up to La Terrasse, transformed into a Chapel in the Sky for the occasion, and let themselves be cradled by the violinist Savaggio. The magnificient melody brought cosmic energies down to earth, entering through the branches of the millennial Sequoia of the garden.

At nightfall, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart surrendered to Erich Amadeus Joseph in the Corridor. The Château Perché started its metamorphosis. The great Lord Kobosil was summoned to expiate the dark energy of Winter. He hammered his drums until the awakening of Kiko, a mighty dragon which had been hibernating in the Orangerie. Kiko spread his wings open and took off into the skies of dawn, ready to unleash the fire of Summer onto the land of Auvergne.

Château Perché Busset was an ode to nature, to arts, to expression, to the freedom of believing and speaking out. It brought together the weird and the freaky, with workshops such as naturopathy and meditation, and with art exhibitions of paintings and sculptures. It included a lot more than just music, with a circus show, a fakir show and a magic show. It consolidated our community and together we look forward to the third edition.