« You know, usually I am more of a Jazz person. » Notwithstanding, that night, the Lady from the Castle danced until dawn on Techno music. Like all the Perchés, the costumed ones, the non-costumed ones, the feathered ones and the naked ones, she felt that energy. A drive for improvisation, the art of letting it go, a direct relationship between music and the body. The energy of jazz, but this energy is shared by all music genres. No need to play classic to be classy. A genuine creative thrust transcends substance.

At the Castle of Chazeron, the Perchés forgot for one night the codes, the rules and the classifications, only to see truth beyond the façade. Together they communed, on the soil of Auvergne, in order to instigate new understandings of self and others. The movement had just begun, but soon it will rise beyond expectations.

Château Perché’s first success, at the Castle of Chazeron, was on August 15th and 16th 2015. The Percheurs welcomed the Perchés into their 24h transic carnival of the senses. In a unique medieval scenery, artists from Berlin, Paris, Lyon or London gave life to the Donjon and the Moat. The bulwarks still remember the sharp beats of underground Techno and liberated House. The festival was full of smiles and happiness and it created strong ties between people. The quest for infinite potentialities has begun on the 15th of August 2015, but it will continue until entropy gets us all.