CHÂTEAU PERCHÉ - RAVEL - 13, 14, 15 August 2016

« Incandescence of the senses and indecency »

“But… We said not inside the Castle!” said the King’s Sheriff. “A great lord said one day, when you can’t take the fortress, lay siege to it” answered the minstrel, skipping toward the Belvédère. During three days, the towers of Ravel were surrounded. Sofas among the trees, beds with canopy and persian carpets, the Perchés forces set camp comfortably on the terrasse of Auvergne. They enjoyed ice cold beer in the shade of the Barn. When the heat was too heavy on them, they took refuge in the woods until dinner time and rabbit roasting. At dusk, the curse of the blazing sun rays on their skin transformed into the blessing of purple sunsets on the moutains. And after dark, the war drums of the Scorched Earth shook the bulwarks of the castle, reminding the enemy that they were still there.

Ravel was placed under the Fire sign. Deep House from the Earth’s core, smoking house, explosive Techno. Intriguing dances in a magmatic universe, charismatic troubadours singing in verse, altogether on the volcanic land. Hell on Earth or lost Paradise, there was no more Good or Evil, no more Beautiful or Ugly, no more Freak or Awkward. After dawn, beyond exhaustion, until ecstasy.