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Hello Perché.e.s babes!

We hope that, in these times of adversity, you are maturing in your ‘best human’ suit.
After surprise, long wait, fear, and hard working as well as looking for major reliable and final information we now we figured that the only way to safely maintain the festival this year for the festival-goers, the artists, service providers and volunteers would be to force rules that don’t suit the festival soul and our strive for human warm on each of us.

Plus, these rules would be pretty hard to apply and we wouldn’t like to create a new virus cluster!

After careful consideration, we would rather not choose between making you dream and cancel. Even tho we were paving the way for an amazing edition welcoming incredible artists in a magnificent castle with extensive ethical and ecological strictnesses, with a pretty fun theme. We feel deeply sad knowing the Château Perché will not happen this year, however as we are optimistics, we are glad to bounce back higher and offer you a brand new projet that will make us enter this new decade the best way. The party will be more durable, more responsible, more lively, more interdisciplinary, more aware, more politicized, richer interactions, seeing eye to eye our new challenges and willing to bring artistic renew.

Top secret code word of this project that includes Château Perché spirit and go further: H²P.

On the 1st of June, discover our new project: we will provide you a form to choose:

▶ Either to invest in this project thanks to your Château Perché 2020 ticket (if you have one) or thanks to a new pass (if you don’t have your ticket). You will become a Perché founder. It will give you life significant advantages and you will take part to the construction of a project that cannot be overlooked for that decade.

▶ Or to get refund if you are in a difficult financial situation or if you don’t want to follow us.

Let's meet on the 1st of June, by then, be yourself and trust us! We love you.

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Tail of a snake (from the old phone video game)
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