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Charming Avrilly, Castle of Pleasures, we shall create new rules for the not too unsightly interplay of our hands. Naia and Naiee, Eddy Gordo and Mercedes Colomor, Benio Kazooii and Alexandra Ledermann, will each display their most beautiful virtual realities, those that harmonise with the precepts of the Perched Creatures, who went to the woods to gather roses and life itself. In our quirkiest costumes, besotted with role play, we shall chant a light and heady breeze on waves of sound, dressed-up to the hilt, full of respect for humans, animals, stones and nature.

If this spirit appeals to you, if you wish to express your best self, click START.

Château Perché

Avrilly Castle, Auvergne, France
13th to 16th August 2020

Mario kart blue shell (the one that fucks you up)Mario cactus


1. They arrive

Forget people’s stares. Become unbound, crazed, untethered. Their colourful bodies, decorated entirely with fantastic trinkets and devices, unleash a diabolical dance. They are extrovert.

2. They are attentive

While exchanging glances and smiles, they dare to murmur a word, suggest an embrace, share a dream.But no extremes. They know how to reject an excess of substances and stupidity. They are peculiarly virtuous.

3. They protect

The crowd occupies a bewitched land for a time. None is foolish enough to believe this ground immortal, so they must care for it, our cherished environment. They are progressive, yet preserve the Castle.

4. They disperse

Utopia is not yet eternal and they must return. But they have changed. These precepts have permeated them and they will apply them, and teach them, to the uninitiated. They are the Perched Creatures.

Horse standing on a Minecraft block, wearing a Sims starHalf minecraft blockHalf minecraft block


Perched Creatures
Under the summer skies that will come, soon, tomorrow, full of wisdom and hope that Lara Croft and Sephiroth will return to the threshold of the Mirror Castle, Avrilly will open her arms to us again. Under the eyes of ecstatic swans, gliding on pools of water, art&music geeks will leap out of imaginary screens and find themselves in a cosmic dream lasting 4 days and 3 nights, from the 13th to 16th August 2020.

Twelve enchanting stages – so coveted a magic number – will transport your soul to the dimension of delight. Polymorphous Griffon, the Château Perché will reveal to you a space of experience and expression, a route to letting go. 450 artists with vast and sensitive souls, hybrid creatures of generosity, will evolve with you inside a psychedelic scenery where nature and art hold each other by the hand.

Guided by the demands of our principles - humanism, respect and tolerance - your joyful madness will paint life in all colours of the night and day. In the sanctuary of Hyrule, an ardent curiosity will animate our bodies, new disciples of diversity. If your Guild is reunited, it will have only to mingle with and disentangle from the thread of fortuitous meetings and the ultimate encounter.

Make others’ hearts swell with your crazy costumes and indecent totems. Comets of the month of August, stars of the evening, or intergalactic meteors, it is the entire universe that will shine with your expanded souls.

Half minecraft blockRed box from Crash Bandicoot game


Your Guild is on fire, your team scattered. In order to find peace again, you will have to play. Without trembling, start your electronic engine. Press ‘Reset’, break out your Pulsar MO5, and slip through the screen of reality.

« Gangbang of Geeks, Geekbang of Gangs »

Cute Chocobo or charismatic Manny Calavera, let your imagination flow through all dimensions of time, of space, and of the soul. The roguish happiness of fiendish furry cats will equal only the sweetness of the forests, the clear water of the springs, and tender glances.

Megalithic pixels, our forms and our colours will remould in the most beautiful of realities, and rise to this immense challenge of virtual poetry.

🎭 Costumes – Rules of the Game:

Day 1: in groups of 3, dress as the most poetic, anti-heroic and foolish characters from the favourite video game of the geekiest among you.

Day 2: in large groups, unite and create your imaginary Guild. Invent your powers and the universe. Design and decorate your flags, banners, totems and symbols!

Day 3: alone, become your chosen persona of light and guide the Château Perché towards the ultimate incandescence!


Video games characters


  • HeartRespect and toleranceArrow pointing down

    At the Château Perché, we respect castles and humans, gardens and animals. We celebrate life and diversity in its most extreme incarnations. We dress up. We are whoever we wish to be. We love our neighbour, wish them well, and permit no intolerance on any pretext.

    We share and seek the most beautiful encounters. The Festival is a space to discover new forms of art, of expression, and of culture. We are enriched by experience, led by our most alert curiosity and our desire for the most profound awakening.

    Each of us respects every person – those to whom we apologise if we bump into them, each individual whose costume amazes us, and each tiny stone on whom we refrain from throwing our cigarette butts. We are there, as children, with the desire to taste and appreciate everything, provided that the Perched Princes and Princesses whom we encounter feel the same.

  • TrainCome to the Château PerchéArrow pointing down

    The Festival will take place from the 13th to 16th August 2020 at the Château d’Avrilly, route d’Avrilly, 03460 Trévol, France.

    By car: observe signs to the Château Perché on your way to the festival in order to follow our route. This will take you to the correct entrance and will reduce traffic jams and the risk of accidents on the Nationale 7.

    By shuttle: buy a return ticket from Paris, Clermont-Ferrand or Moulins, easily and for a low price, by clicking here.

    By train: use “Allons Bon Train” (available here soon) to get a group rate with other festival-goers and go to Moulins. From there, take a shuttle or a taxi.

    By plane: only come by plane if you travel from another continent! In this case, you should come to Paris, Lyon or Clermont-Ferrand, then take a shuttle.

  • WheelchairAccessibilityArrow pointing down

    The site is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) and specialised equipment is available, including:
    • reserved parking spaces
    • toilets and showers at the Festival campsite.
    • the height of the bar counters is 80 cm.

  • Parking signCar park / CampsiteArrow pointing down

    The car park and campsite are open from Thursday to Monday.

    There is parking for cars, caravans and trucks. Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility are also available.

    Caravans must be parked at the car park for the entire weekend.

    The campsite is reserved for tents and is only accessible by foot. Glass is forbidden on the campsite. Note that there is no access to electricity.

    Collectives and food-trucks will operate on the campsite, providing a space to chill for those who do not wish to sleep immediately, studios of all kinds to create accessories, apply make-up, practise yoga and charge telephones. There will also be a Welfare Stand distributing ear-plugs and condoms, and offering a friendly ear to those with emotional difficulties.

    The car park and campsite will be monitored by Security Guards. They will not be responsible for the affairs of others.

  • Water dropsHygieneArrow pointing down

    In order to preserve the sweetness of your skin and odour over these exceptional 4 days, there will be free showers on the campsite. Clean, maintained toilets are accessible both at the Festival and on the campsite.

    Festival-goers must respect the cleanliness of these places, ensure they use biodegradable shampoos and soaps, and avoid non-biodegradable wipes and other ecological aberrations.

    Hygiene also means taking care of life, of yourself, and remembering to eat and to drink water to avoid ending up in the recovery position and missing half the festival.

  • EggplantConsumptionArrow pointing down

    In order to delight your taste-buds, give you strength and help you enjoy the entire weekend, there will be food-trucks and bars both at the festival and on the campsite.

    As usual, we will offer several kinds of beer and many different food stalls, from crêpes to toast, cereal or fruit, all with compostable plates and cutlery that it will be a pleasure for you to sort through. At the Château Perché, all menus are vegetarian. For those unaccustomed to this, a break of four days in the consumption of meat may be of benefit and encourage us to reflect on our behaviour as consumers.

    Of course, moderate consumption (or even none at all for the freest among us) of everything that could alter our understanding of the world is advised, with the aim of doing no harm, respecting our bodies, and venerating lucidity.

    Our steps towards traceability of produce and waste management

    Every year, the consumption of produce brought by festival-goers from outside the campsite – sandwiches, canned food, drink etc – represents the majority of the festival’s non-recoverable waste.

    The Château Perché wishes to reduce this considerably by encouraging festival-goers to consume directly from the stands at the festival. For these stands, we manage waste recovery, buy organic and local produce in bulk, provide recyclable packaging and compostable cutlery.

    The price of food will be controlled to give you an economic option, and will be communicated to you in advance. The price of drinks will be significantly reduced compared to those served within the Festival.

  • TreeEnvironmentArrow pointing down

    As Perched Creatures, we take care of the space that is provided for us. We throw our waste in the correct bins, rigorously sorted, and we make no allowances for cigarette butts. If you are too lazy to take the three steps to the nearest bin, this creates a hundred steps for the volunteers who will collect them all, bent over, peering at the ground. If a cigarette butt falls through the net, it can take two years to decompose. We encourage you to use pocket ashtrays and will distribute these free of charge.

    Glass is forbidden across the Festival, car park and campsite as are plastic bottles. Only reusable water bottles and flasks are accepted. Food with disposable packaging is also forbidden. Consider bringing reusable boxes or Tupperware.

    Sewage disposal is set up specially for this event. It is therefore advisable to use only biodegradable products, in order to protect the local water sources from which cattle drink throughout the year. The cattle also live for most of the year in the field which you will use as a campsite. Please leave it as clean and welcoming as you find it.

    The Château Perché is a space for ephemeral life. The Château d’Avrilly should not bear the marks of our passage for eternity. It welcomes us and offers us a wondrous moment. Let us respect that.

Crash Bandicoot Hero


Winged stack of cash

Winged stack of cash (blurred)Winged stack of cashPay with PEZ

At Château Perché, your entry bracelet is also your only means of payment.

There are two ways to credit your bracelet with PEZ before the festival:
- by buying a “Super Smash Pass (80 PEZ cashless included)” ticket, and thus creating a PEZ account automatically.
- by creating an account on this page.

This way, you save time on your arrival!

You can recharge your account as many times as you wish, before and during the event.

Once you arrive at the Avrilly gates, we shall hand over your pre-credited bracelet. This will enable you to buy drinks and food everywhere in the festival and on the campsite. Only selected stands and studios will take cash payment.

The PEZ included in the “Super Smash Pass (80 PEZ cashless included)” ticket are not refundable. PEZ charged to your account after this are refundable up to 2 weeks after the festival.

Date and time for online charging:

Date and time for refund requests:

Deadline for refund requests:

  • ThunderWhy recharge my PEZ account now?Arrow pointing down

    Once at the event, your bracelet will be credited on presentation of the ticket (mobile or paper) associated with your PEZ account.
    Take care of your ticket after your arrival at the site, in order to recover your prepaid PEZ.
    If you do not wish to credit your bracelet in advance, go to the classic PEZ kiosks where they can take cash or card payments to credit your bracelet.

  • CastleCan I use my bracelet for the entire event?Arrow pointing down

    The bracelet will be the only accepted method of payment for drinks and food. Only a few stands and studios will accept cash.

  • Pile (battery)How can I recharge my account?Arrow pointing down

    Before the festival, you can credit your account online by creating an account on the event website.
    During the event:
       • if you have created an account, you can recharge your bracelet via our website.
       • if you haven’t created an account, you can recharge your bracelet at the classic PEZ kiosk.
    You can recharge your account as many times as you wish, before and during the event.

  • Money bagDo I have to pay for the bracelet?Arrow pointing down

    No. The activation fee for the bracelet is free.

  • Slot machineHow can I find out the balance on my bracelet?Arrow pointing down

    The balance of your bracelet will appear on the seller’s device for each transaction, which will be shown directly to you. You can also ask any seller or volunteer for cashless, without necessarily buying or recharging.
    You can also see your balance on our website, via your account if you have created one.

  • A4 paper sheetCan I access a summary of my transactions?Arrow pointing down

    Yes. After the festival, you can access a summary of your transactions through your account on our website.

  • HugHow do I look after my bracelet?Arrow pointing down

    Your bracelet is equipped with an electronic chip in which your money is stored. Take care of it in order to avoid disagreements! Avoid any exposure to heat or flame, and never try to pierce it: this will break it immediately.
    You can take a shower while wearing it without any problem.

  • Back arrowCan I get a refund of any money remaining on my bracelet at the end of the festival?Arrow pointing down

    There are two possible cases:
       • The PEZ bought on a “Festival + PEZ” ticket (i.e.: the 80 euros that are credited initially) are not refundable.
       • Any other remaining PEZ, credited through your account on the website or at the PEZ kiosks, are refundable up to two weeks after the end of the festival.

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Abe from Oddworld: Abe's OddyseePartners

Tail of a snake (from the old phone video game)
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