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Havre de Perche

Why does Perchepolis want to buy a castle ?

  • To make the technical things easier, and invest in the comfort of every person on site

Since Chazeron, Château Perché reinvents itself each year and offers a festival that we want truly unique. That is one of its charms : the excitation of the place revelation, the magic of the discovering, the feeling that we have never stop discovering new places. But each good side has its counterside. Each edition is a one-shot, and it is a huge constraint which limits our ambitions today. We want to gather people around art and culture, fight for the freedom and the open-mindedness, and make a better world together; but to achieve that we first have to improve the Château Perché’s global organisation, the public and artist convenience on the one hand, and artistic projects on the other hand. Being fully owner of our place would permit us to make agencements that would never be possible on rented place on to better handle the unforeseen issues of a temporary place.

  • To create social, environmental and activists projects in the long term.

Let’s go deeper ! Perchépolis defends values like inclusion, universal love, culture accessibility, art development and environment respect. During for 4 days, Château Perché is a wonderful “out of time” moment to share our values, but it is very short to convey them. In a world of everyday social and environmental fight, opening a place as full of life and history as a castle will allow us to invest into more time and expression space to diffuse our messages. We want the castle to be a place of community progress, long term projects and reflexions. Unlike a temporary event, having fixed place permit us to drastically improve our environmental engagement (0 waste, energy, resources). Our Perché Haven wants to rise to its apogaea the creation and development of projects for social and rights fights, and culture and art accessibility. Each event will be a demonstration.

  • Art and culture as ways and as goals

Amazing ideas, and what’s our job ? Gathering people together around art and culture, which are the ways and the goals of all our wishes. Each event will have its own style, mood, music, art, theme, size, etc. We work to integrate new actors, to imagine new experiences, and to go deeper in each discipline, to propose Château Perché festival, retreats, small events like Cheeseporn Odyssey, day events like the Cuddle party, experimental things like Transverberare, and more.

So we want to buy a castle with you, Percheurs Fondatrices, to progress in technical, environmental, social and activist ways. It is not a donation, because it is not without consideration. We have to respect our words or we will give you a refund. It is not a capitalist investment, you will not really own a part of the castle resellable. It is a participation, a sum of money, like an evidence of your support and your project belief, from which you will benefit as long as the project goes (we hope as long as possible). For us it’s an engagement to keep our promises, to buy a castle, and to create a Havre dê Perche better than what you craziest dreams and full of surprises.

What is Havre dê Perche ?

The Havre dê Perche will first of all be a multidisciplinary welcoming place. If our beloved Château Perché will continues to hold a place of honor in the project every summer, there will be many other events. We plan in organizing several new medium-sized events during the year, in various forms, like the Cheeseporn Odyssey, Transverberare or even day parties like the Cuddle Party. Empirical retreats will rhythm the seasons, guided by artists from all backgrounds. These Queen Gurus will take the audience into their world for a few days through new experiences. They will choose everything, from sleep time to the dress code, meals and communication methods; a privileged moment to bring closer, more conscious and constructive interactions. In Havre dê Perche, every form of art will be sacred, from the most classical to the most alternative.

This limitless diversity and creativity will serve solidarity and activist projects. We are convinced that art, culture and celebration are real way for a better world. The very essence of Château Perché is to gather everyone in the costume of its best human around art, and to bring back a piece of this experience in our daily life; the Havre dê Perche will tenfold this potential. And because artistic experience, environment and human rights support has always have a priority place at Château Perché, we intend to make the H²P a real laboratory of ideas and initiatives beneficial for the world and humans.

Our environmental commitments

Château Perché has been working for several years to be as respectful as possible of the environment. We wish to develop this commitment in the Havre dê Perche. As a signatory of the Drastic on Plastic charter, we have abandoned almost all single-use plastic and we will further progress, both in technical logistics and catering. Our goal is to achieve Zero waste, and to be able to measure, minimize and mitigate the carbon impact of the Havre dê Perche. The castle will be accessible by train and shuttles in order to reduce the impact of public transport, but also that of artists and other people working on site. Just like at the Château Perché, the dishes will be reusable only, or compostable for the biggest events; this is imposed on the food stands. An environmental charter similar to the one of the festival will be created and adapted to the different providers. For food stands for example, the use of micro-pods is banned, the food is locally obtained and a maximum in bulk, and the unsold is reused or redistributed. The Havre dê Perche is also vegetarian. For the development and construction of its events, the H²P choose recyclable materials such as wood. For the remaining waste, we believe in our community to carefully sort, and during the events, a green brigadel perform an over-sorting. We are also working to recycle the cigarette butts that result of the events we organize.

In addition to the measures already done at Château Perché, we are already thinking about news things that we can do at Havre dê Perche. We would like to be able to create our own vegetable garden in order to feed at least the people who work every day, or even the public of small events such as retreats. Being on a fixed place, we can make our compost and recycle our organic waste. Not everything will happen in one day, but in the future we would like to supply the place with a maximum of greener energies. The collectors will be sad, but it is necessary, adios the vintages for reusable cups, we will use the old ones, and we would like one day to propose to the public to come with his.her own cup or gourd during our events.

Some things are easy to realise, others will require more organization, time and money, but the goal is really to be as respectful of the environment as possible and especially to transmit this to our audiences so that they bring this back home.

Our solidarity commitments

Through Havre dê Perche, Perchepolis aims to transcend the social approach in artistic and cultural projects. With a major stake in social inclusion, the H²P project is accessible, multicultural, intergenerational and promotes diversity.
By entering the place, our audience is asked to put on the costume of its best human, that will disguise the everyday life in order to make it its new reality. By empiricism, the project feeds itself by the new sociabilities and proposes concrete actions with isolated people. We will thus be able to build links with specialized structures on specified audiences in order to create constructive and adapted artistic projects. Through these projects, we want to make art and culture more accessible, but also a real ally and tool to improve life.

Our activism commitments

To be an utopian bubble isolated from an unjust and largely perfectible world is good, to help this world to become more sensible by adopting a more offensive strategy is better. Our capacity for action is sometimes limited, we lack some tools to develop our thinking, our actions and our activism. This is why the Havre dê Perche is committed to welcome, help, federate and even create organized and active structures outside its walls. It will become a place for reflection and organization of militant projects around various essential topics such as fundamental rights and environment. For example, the H²P will be able to host representatives of the No Plastic Society to organize an action against the use of plastic somewhere on earth.

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