2019 JULY 25th to 28th - Arboretum de Balaine

Festival Château Perché

Perché People,

Festival Château Perché 2019 Visuel Baleine

Humanity is used to struggle on the Earth, eternally eager to eventually enter a superior world. Château Perché is an invitation to create together our own paradise. This unique venue, where time and space will fade away is called “L’Arboretum de Balaine”. At once glade and exotic forest, France’s oldest private arboretum and its 3 500 plant species will provide the decor for a 4-day life celebration from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th of July 2019.


Your ears and eyes will be nourished by 11 stages as your soul is transported to another dimension. In perpetual evolution, Château Perché will open a space dedicated only to experiments and expression, where fun, convivial, unexpected workshops and sexy, crazy, preposterous performances will guide you along the path to euphoria.


Spotted for their talent, away from the spotlight, 250 creators of paradisiacal universe, melodious wizards, maestros of decoration, will place you in a crowd in perfect cohesion, enjoying true freedom, allowing your body and spirit to dance like they never did before, or did they?


You are an important piece of this beautiful heaven, this is why you are going to bring as many insane costumes and indecent totems as possible, you will be curious and lovely, and something magical will happen. <3


Celestial azure, garden of Eden, superior world, location or state synchronously delectable and winsome, what is paradise ?


At Château Perché, paradise mirrors happiness, it must not be expected, it should be fantasized, dreamed up, devised and designed to be realised and visualised.


They are billions, they are everywhere, they crawl, they fly, they parade, above, around, under us. Often tiny, paws or wings move them. We, blind humans, often assume they are disgusting, but I said it we are blind! They rule the world, they make it what it is, they magnify it, they dress us, they feed us, they heal us.


For the time of Château Perché, Let’s turn ourselves into those coordinated itsy-bitsy creatures in a heavenly microcosm. Insects pullulate in Paradise.


Costume themes:
Day 1: The Surge of Insects
Day 2: The Ephemeral Togas of Paradise
Day 3: And the firefly shined

Useful info


The festival is located at “l’Arboretum de Balaine, 1 Château de Balaine, 03460 Villeneuve-sur-Allier, France” in the center of the country. The castle will open its marvellous gates on Thursday the 25th of July 2019 at 5 pm and will fade away on Sunday the 28th July 2019 at 5pm.


To reach the festival, magical shuttles will be available from Clermont Ferrand, Moulins (which is the closest train station from the castle) and Paris.


By car from Paris you need to reach the A77 direction Nevers. From Clermont-Ferrand you will need to drive following the direction of Moulins.


A big free camping site will be available for festival-goers from Thursday 25th at 4pm to Monday the 29th at Midday. All vehicules will have to be parked at the parking. Our security crew will keep an eye on them.


Collectives and food trucks will be there to entertain you, allow you to get some make up or yoga. There will also be a safety stand providing goodies and useful stuff.


Electricity will be absent of the camping.


To remain fresh during four days, you will find gratis showers at the camping site. Clean toilets will also be there and at the festival site.


Festival-goers must respect those places and use adequate soap and shower gels and throw away wipes at the right places.


Remaining fresh also means eating properly and drinking enough H2O, you might wanna stay on fire showing that the dance floor is lava but water is life.


To nourish yourself, you will find many food-trucks and bars at the festival and camping sites to satisfy your mouths, stomachs and livers all week-end long.


As usual, different kinds of beer, including high quality, also a wide range of food from crepes to toasts, from cereals bowl to fruits. Personal food and drinks must be kept for camping. Think to bring cash money for the food-trucks and any other merchandise.


It is necessary to remind that pleasures of life should be enjoyed without the help of any substance.

Lost & Found

During the whole festival, any object found by festival-goers or the organisation is brought to the ticketing.


There, volunteers keep every item, until its owner comes to take it back until 9pm on Sunday, and even the whole Monday morning. It will be possible to If unfortunately, you cannot get back something lost during the festival, we will be reachable through our Facebook page or at festival@perchepolis.com, with a precise description of yours and we will make sure to send your lost, with fees at your charge.

The Festival pack

Château Perché wants to see its festival goers enjoy as much as possible, here are some tips of what to bring to make your time more fun!

An Insanely sexy and colourful costume

A Towel

A Clean underwear

Cash monies

Some imodium

An alcohol test

Some water

Some convenient socks

Wipes (biodegradable if possible)

Biodegradable Glitter

A 2nd clean underwear

A toothbrush with paste

A flashlight

A powerbank

A beautiful totem

An emergency kit