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Game’s rules: Volunteer mode

Perché·e·s from all around the world, here you are, determine, to join the Château Perché festival 2020 in Avrilly’s castle, as volunteers.
Thanks a lot, but don’t go on a hurry to press start! Take your time to glance at what you’re about to join.

What are the particularities to the new Château Perché’s version?

The game is 4 days last from Thursday 13th August 2020, 6pm to Sunday 16th August 2020, 6pm and welcomes over 7500 festival-goers for an intense LAN. Avrilly’s Castle, in Trévol, adorned with scenographic, musical, crazy pieces, light up with creativity is our playground. This univers aims to delight hearts, fill with wonder senses and consciousnesses, to allow players to reach the highest ‘Perché”s level.

What does the ‘Volunteer mode’ means?

First, it’s a mission dedicated to determine creatures, ready to get wholly involved into the ‘Perché’ adventure.
Your ultimate quest is to ensure long lasting of this event as a ‘Perché’s great meeting that will take place in Avrilly’s Castle. Provide entertainment as well as security to the festival-goers. May them get transcend by the ‘Perché’ spirit, a smile on the face, heart in mind and love in the stars.

Terms to play the volunteer game:

- It is forbidden for people under 18 (PEGI 18).
- Be available to play, at least 3 days/4 days duration festival. We’ll single out people who are available over the entire festival duration.
- Read and agree the Atrabilaire Amoureuse’s charter.

Different levels to reach the ultimate quest:

‘Percheurs’ mode: You are an excellent game masters and are ready to get involved within a guild.
‘Perche keeper’ mode: You are ready to select your own guild to reach the final quest.

Here are the different guilds you can join according to your abilities and desires, before, during and after the festival:

Before: Set up (week preceding the event

Wood team Wood construction
Water team Build up and manage water points
Electricity team Help in the electricity distribution
Layout team Help in laying out the security equipment
Store team Equipment and tools management and inventory
Building team Structures setup and mark areas out
Decoration team decoration and road signs creation and setup.
Fences team Fences setup.
Catering team cook and serve staff meals, clean up the area
Ninja team help the technical team in any kind of task.

During the festival :

Ticketing and entrance => check out festival-goers tickets, hand out access bracelets to festival-goers, inform festival-goers, spread good vibes.
Parking and traffic => control the traffic, inform festival-goers on waiting time, spread good vibes, help vehicles parking.
Campsite => help festival-goers in setting up in the campsite, inform them, spread good vibes.
Green team => help in cleaning, gather waste and sorting of rubbish into different types for recycling, aware festival-goer about global warming, supply festival-goers with bin liners.
Bar => bartending, change casks, clean up the working place, inform festival-goers, spread good vibes and Perchés’ spirit.
Thirst => Missions : stocks management, re-supplying
Catering => cook and serve staff meals, clean up the area.
Stage backing => roadies, welcome artists, bring them to the stage on time, drive them to their accommodation or the station, airport, etc, manage artists backline and changeovers, warn the security if needed, clean u the area.
Cashless => explain how the cashless devices work on the festival, load up festival-goers accounts, cash the festival-goers payments.
Volunteers and artists reception => welcome artistic, technical and volunteers teams, hand out access bracelets, inform them, spread good vibes.
Staff area => inform the volunteers, clean up the area, make the area hospitable.
Shuttles => check out festival-goers shuttle tickets, inform the festival-goers, spread good vibes.
Ninja => help the technical team in any kind of task

After: Dismantling (a week after the event)

Here the different tasks to fulfil:
Dismantling structures and marks
Dismantling wood constructions
Dismantling water points
Equipment pick up and package
Tidy and clean up the site
Electricity package
Equipment and tools management and inventory
Fences package
Ninja : help the technical team in any kind of task

What does a ‘volunteer mode’ player looks like?

Once you are part of a guild, you will have to dress up your character to disappear into the crowd as a regular player. As volunteer mode player, you are representing the game such as a muse, this is why you have to dress up. Your avatar is smiling, convivial, aware, supportive, on time, respectful and tolerant. He or she also respect the environment, doesn’t throw cigarette buds or any waste on the ground. At the opposite, he or she warns people not to do it. Of course, he or she is sober during his or her shift and is always able to fulfil his or her tasks.

To be officially accepted as ‘Percheur’ or ‘Perche keeper’:

You will receive an answer by email at mid-June at the latest with all the information you will need to fulfil your tasks successfully. Then, you will have to:
- sign the volunteering agreement,
- give a bail (one ticket price value) with your bank card ‘fingerprint’ via the official website. No worry, it will not be cashed unless you walk away from your mission to party during the festival .

At this stage, you are part of the Perché Game.

Onces you are part of the Perche Game:

You can start the quest. You, now, only have to shine and be yourself left. Spread love there, laugh here, dance all over the site and let your heart beat at the rhythm of the party. You are the marvelous representative of the Perche values and will make the festival exist for you and by you. Have fun. <3

Now that you know the rules, you can press START to join the volunteer mode!