Hasta la vista tokens falling down while dancing, this year Château Perché uses cashless payment, that we called “PEZ”, either standing for those small blocks candy (do not eat your system of payment though!), “Please End Zoos”, “Party Every Zight” or WYW (whatever you want!).


A unique bracelet to get at the entrance of the festival, will guarantee access to the site and will be the almost unique mean of payment.


Before Château Perché, you can reload your PEZ bracelet by creating an account via the website or the application Weezevent, which will save you time on arrival.


After the beginning of the festival, the Weezevent network will go offline, which will no longer allow to recharge via the application or the site, but only at the stands of PEZ.


Your bracelet filled with PEZ will allow you to buy food and drinks throughout the festival and camping. Only other stands (clothes, massages,some activities, etc.) will take cash and for some Credit Card.

Online openin: 01 juin à 12h00

Opening times of getting get money back

Monday 29th of July 2019 8:00/ Monday 12th of August 23:59.

Questions ?

Why recharge my PEZ account now?

Once inside the event, a fast line will be available at the PEZ counter for preloading. Less queue!


Your bracelet will simply be credited on presentation of the ticket (mobile or paper) attached to your PEZ account.


Keep your ticket carefully after you arrive on site to recover your pre-load.


If you have not pre-loaded your bracelet, go to the classic PEZ counters, where cash and credit card will be allowed to recharge your bracelet.

Can I use my bracelet on the whole event?

The bracelet will be the only accepted method of payment for drinks and food.


Only the other types of stand (sale of clothes, massages, some activities.) will take cash or even Credit Card for some.

How to recharge my account?

Before the festival, you can reload online by creating an account on the website of the event.


During the event, the online option will be closed to prevent network errors; you can only reload your bracelet cashless counters present on the site.


You can recharge your account as many times as you want, before and during the event.

What happens if my card is stolen or lost?

Your card is like your wallet: if you lose it, the money stored on it will also be lost.

Why create an account ?

By creating an account, you will be able to:

– check your bracelet balance and transaction history
– Register your Credit Card for a one-click refund after the event
– recharge before the event via the website
– get a refund of your balance at the end of the event


Note that the creation of an online account remains optional and can be done whenever you want.

What happens with my money after the event?

It is possible to recover the money remaining on your bracelet after the event if the balance of it is greater than 0.5 €. To do this, log in to your account and verify that your balance appears. You will then be able to apply for a refund and enter the Credit Card on which the money will be credited.


If your balance does not appear, check that your bracelet is attached to your account: the 6-letter identifier must be indicated next to your e-mail address.


If you did not create an account, you can do it using the 6-letter identifier on your bracelet. Warning: Do not use the barcode of your ticket to create the account, because it is not connected to the card that was given to you at the “PEZ counter”.

Is the creation of an account mandatory?

No, you can reload your bracelet directly at the “PEZ counters”.


Your bracelet remains completely anonymous.

Is it possible to use the bracelet of another event?

No, you can not use another bracelet than the one provided during the event.