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Enigma 0001 / 0004
One life remaining

Principle 1

They arrive. Forget people’s stares. Become unbound, crazed, untethered. Their colourful bodies, decorated entirely with fantastic trinkets and devices, unleash a diabolical dance. They are extrovert.

Enigma 1

In your backpack, which you conscientiously prepare at the beginning of August 2020, you place your toothbrush and…


a mink coat, stilettos and a frying pan.


a “Gangbang of Geeks, Geekbang of Gangs” costume.


3 costumes corresponding to the 3 “Gangbang of Geeks, Geekbang of Gangs” evenings, and an extraordinary totem.


your Nintendo DS Hufflepuff Collector’s Edition.