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Château Perché is a poem. Written by all of us. And its rhymes are culture, art, expression, freedom of believe, freedom of being passionate, of being weird. It tells the story of life, of human beings, of the Other and of Love bonding us. It is a curious genre, both experimental and hungry for imagination.

Perchés precepts for an adorable Château


They appear. Forget people’s eyes. Become released, unleashed, wacky, batty. Their colourful bodies, embellished with a great deal of flashy ornaments and accessories, start a furious dance. They are extrovert.


They are attentive. While exchanging smiles and glances, they dare to say softly a word, suggest a hug, share a thought. But no extreme. They know how to say no to the excess of substances and stupidity. They are extra virtuous.


They protect. The crowd steps on a spellbound ground. None is nuts enough to assume this soil imperishable. They found out nowhere around deserves harm or wound. This environment must remain admirable.
They are progressive but conserve the Castle.


They diffuse. Utopia is not yet eternal and they must leave. But they are changed because these precepts have penetrated them and they are going to apply them and teach them to the uninitiated ones. They are Perchés.

Respect & Tolerance


At Château Perché, we respect castles, humans, gardens, and animals. We celebrate diversity in all of its many forms, we dress up, we are who we want to be. We love our neighbour, we wish him the best, and there is zero kind of intolerance which might be accepted.


We share, we seek the most beautiful meetings: the festival is a discovery space for new art forms, expressions, and cultures. We grow through experiences, lead by our most vivid curiosity and by our deepest desire of awakening.


Each of us respects each person, the one to whom we apology for having bumped into him, the one who got an astonishing costume, we respect as well each small stone being part of the ground by not throwing away our cigarette butts. We are here, like children, with the constant wish of trying, tasting, experimenting, enjoying everything, as long as the Princesses and Princes of The Perche that we cross along the way feel the same.



At Château Perché, we do care about our environment!


We throw away waste using a specific sorting. Crockery from food trucks is compostable and will have to be put into a dedicated bin. All cigarette butts in ashtrays and trashes! Otherwise, other innocent people will have to look for them, or worse they will remain on the ground and pollute it! At your arrival, you will receive a portable ashtray, use them as much as possible!


Regarding the shower water system connected to all the castle canals, it is absolutely necessary to use only biodegradable products, knowing that plenty of animal use this surrounding water to live. Those same animals also live on the fields where you will pass by, so let’s show some respect to Mother Nature.


Château Perché is a temporary event, and l’Arboretum de Balaine clearly does not need to keep forever your past presence. It hosts you, so respect it.