Tickets hunt

Before reaching your goal by getting a ticket for Château Perché Festival, please read, understand, integrate and feel the Perche precepts that drive us and lead our experiences.

1- They appear. Forget people’s eyes. Become released, unleashed, wacky, batty. Their colourful bodies, embellished with a great deal of flashy ornaments and accessories, start a furious dance. They are extrovert.

2- They are aware. While exchanging smiles and glances, they dare to say softly a word, suggest a hug, share a thought. But no extreme. They know how to say no to the excess of substances and stupidity. They are extra virtuous.

3- They protect. The crowd steps on a spellbound ground. None is nuts enough to assume this soil imperishable. They found out nowhere around deserves harm or wound. This environment must remain admirable. They are progressive but conserve the Castle.

4- They diffuse. Utopia is not yet eternal and they must leave. But they are changed because these precepts have penetrated them and they are going to apply them and teach them to the uninitiated ones. They are Perchés.

If you agree on those precepts and are ready to apply them, click on “aware” in the text to access tickets.